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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

29th sept 09.

Hey girls, so if you read my boring old posts you will know that i just quit my job so i haven't been shopping since last payday which clearly brakes my little heart! whats a girl to do.

Also today i have been really ill so i couldn't be bothered to do a decent post so i thought i would just leave you with a cute little outfit i did on, sorry for being a bore but i guess its better than no post at all! .

ALSO - thank you very much too my 30+ subs, makes my day too see one more there.

project runway, eee i love it.
coca cola mixed with redbull try it ,
pink nails

having the flu
not been shopping since last month, omg :(

Anyway thank you for following
pjay xoxo


  1. agree with the ins and outs.
    Tomorrow x

  2. taggggggggggged you smellls :D xxxxxxxx