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Friday, 27 August 2010


Cardigan - h&m
Tank - h&m
Skirt h&m - i like h&m.. haha
Belt - vintage
Head bow - primark

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back in black, hair that is.

Hey guys, so i was getting very, very bored of my very light brown hair. I was going to get blonde hi lights and just go really light but i realised that my hair was in really bad shape, my ends where disgusting because of the light hair dye having bleach in it my ends where just snapping off. Since i had dyed my hair light i hadn't felt myself but i worked with it since about march time. Enough was enough so i took the plunge and went dark again.

It's black just now but after a good few washes it should settle to a nice dark brown. My hair looks thicker & longer and feels 940950 times better. I could have waited to the winter months to go dark but i missed it so much. Sorry the photo inst very nice and doesn't show it in a nice light but i was too teird today to take a decent photo, will update soon. Pjay xoxo


Top - Topshop £18
Skirt - Primark £4
Tights - Topshop

Friday, 23 July 2010

Everyday face.

My favourite and everyday make up look.
Bronze smoky eye with white on the inner Corners and black on the outers
Baby pink lips and bronzed cheeks.

Foundation - Revlon Colour stay
Eyeshadows - all urban decay
Lips - Baby pink zebra lipgloss from H+M


Girls on film.

Few photos of me and the girls before my my friends house party.
me and manfa in the kitchen having a little pose before vodka jelly.
We shared clothes as girls do, I'm the grey
Cardigan - primark
Bra - topshop (friends)
Skirt - topshop (friends)

Manfa in the pink
Top - mine, illustrated people , topshop
Bandeau - primark
Black bodycon skirt - hers, unknown.

Dog days are over. OOTD.

Hello loves, Just a little lazy day outfit and bed hair.
Top - I heart coke, Urban outfitters.
Leggings - Plain black from topshop.

Very very boring and i usually prefer making a bigger effort but i just rolled the sleeves up on my top and had a lazy day.

Make up - bronze smokey eye and light pink lip.



Hello lovers, I'm back from a long break of no blogging. Well technically i have been blogging on my tumblr which i have been obsessed with but it's really not the place for fashion & make up. I think mostly my post's will consist of hauls & outfits/face of the days. Now my blog needs a major revamp its stuck in 2009 bless it. I'm going to get cracking with a few post's now. Please leave comments of post's you would like to see and pass my blog around thanks loves, xoxo

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Girl crush.

So today as i was looking in the mirror i turned to my right and saw the picture of Daisy Lowe i had blue tac's up on my wardrobe door along with the rest of them. It was a style page from Vogue a few months back. I couldn't help but be jealous and wish i looked like her, she's my ultimate girl & style crush and there's no doubt if i could wake up in the morning looking like someone else it would be her! who is your style crush ?

Monday, 22 March 2010

A better body.

So for the last two month i have been on a diet, i have took my calories down from around 2000 and settled on below 500 a day. I have been making better food choices , My daily food retune is usually two small slices of brown bread toast for breakfast, nothing for lunch and then lentil soup for dinner. I realised that was unattainable so i have decided on Yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, Crunchy nut with skimmed milk for lunch and then soup for dinner. I have too admit i have been slacking on my exorcise (but great with my diet) although today i'm going to the gym and hopefully i can get a good work out in and try to get back to going every second day at least. I have too weigh my self at the gym today and im deffo not looking forward to it , i know if i don't see the results i expect i will be a little disheartened, but i'm hoping that i will and that will give me more motivation to get cracking at the gym. I have a healthy b.m.i and the doctor said i was fine but im only 5'2 and can't hold any weight anywhere without looking fat so im hoping to get too my goal weight for summer.


 Charlotte ChurchCharlotte Church

Can i also just say, how amazing does Charlotte look, my best friend linked me today and i was utterly shocked at how gorgeous she looks with her new slimmer frame. It gave me the motivation i need too get down too the gym today!. she said she doesn't exorcise she just eats less, which i have been doing but a little bit of toning is always a good thing, and the gym makes you feel good about yourself. So if any of you are trying too get slimmer for summer i totally advice you too start soon and hopefully we will all feel a little better about ourself. I will keep you updated on my journey if you wish.


some more inspiration + motivation.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ins and outs.

So i thought it would be a good idea too try and do my ''in and outs'' post's done on a Sunday. However knowing me they might not always be on time but its the thought that counts eh? anyway lets begin with the good stuff.



Lovely bright weather , it was actually SAFE for me too wear a skirt yesterday. If Scotland has cardigan weather then that must mean good knows for the rest of you eh?. Oh and also , the clocks go forward meaning brighter mornings and brighter night's and all round' nicer days, Although I'm sure i wont be saying that the next day.

Buying clothes, this is probs a major downfall for me but i have promised myself its fine too buy clothes as long as i don't waste any more money on make-up and I'm fine with that. I feel i have all i need make-up wise and i know what suits me and what doesn't so im afraid i will only be re-buying my basics. Well unless something new and gorgeous comes along... i cant be held responsible for my actions ;)

Going out, Now that I'm eighteen its all i want to do. I feel i have unleashed my inner party girl haha. My friends may even be a little worse than me , getting sloshed on a week day with work the next morning eh manfa eh ;). Its all great fun though. Dressing up, dancing, drinking.

Lady gaga & beyonce, Ever since destiny's child i have loved loved loved Beyonce and away back last-last summer when i 1st heard Lady gaga on 'THE HILLS' i have loved her too. Them together is amazing. I love the new video and the fact they could blow singer fails like Cheryl Cole out the water, OH YES.


This diet, I love loosing weight and wearing clothes and feeling better but seriously sometimes i wish i could just eat a McDonalds in record time haha. Although i must say i have been awful awful good, staying under my 500 calls most days & i also haven't been too any fast food restaurants in 2010 WOO. Must get too the gym again though.

Justin Beiber, Enough said honestly. I cant even bare to moan about him or Cheryl Cole any more haha.

That's it ladies, didn't really want too sit and moan and leave my blog on a bad note, so with that i bid you fair well

leave comments ,

This weeks most wanted.

This weeks most wanted includes -


New look skirt. I really didn't think i would ever like body con skirts but after finding a real bargain of one in h&m i have been converted ! I want too wear this skirt on an upcoming night out.

New look crop top - I love this its so cheeky and cute and crop tops are lovely , they always remind me of Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the city, does anyone else get that?!. Anyway i couldn't find this in my local store :( and we have a really big one so i think i will order it online this week along with the skirt.

Topshop shoes - Now i know i deffo can't afford these right now , they are £70 they are so so gorgeous and i know i would wear them an awful lot, but seriously?!. I think i will wait till the other shops get some pretty decent copies in.

Topshop bodytop. I love these they are soo easy to just shove on under a skirt or jeans and they still look part- dressed up.

I also need some heart printed tights and some statement knecklaces so i can give me leaf and oversized pearl ones a brake haha! tell me if you know where some are please.

So girlies , what will you be buying on your payday?

Whats in my bag?

Bag - £35 Dorpophy Perkins. Still in store ! its a lovely mink/pinky colour with gold look hardwear.
Soap and glory glam-a-lot and soft & gentle deodorant haha
My purse - Primark ages ago.
Umbrella - i think this is my friend Manfas! i had too use it one rainy day and left it in there

make up case from primark.
Barry M nail paint in grey
Revlon colour stay
Urban decay eye brush ,
Elf eye brush
eyebrow tweezers
Barry M lipgloss
Lip balm
Natural collection lipgloss
Benefit boi-ing concealer
Benefit eye-shadow in moody
Bojouirs bronzing powder
Kabuki brush on top of it.
Sugar rush book & diary
compact & empty cigarette packet - classy i know.

Monday, 15 March 2010


So me and a bestie of mine who writes a really good blog decided too go out on friday night , just the two of us but i wouldn't have had it any other way it was so good we have the best times :).

Me -

( I dont know why i look like a turtle neck :( )

Dress (its actually a top but im super small, but i feel like it was up my ass half the night OOPS) - River island £20.

Tights - thick lined ones from primark bout £2.50 and they dident rip woo

Shoes - £25 new look they dont look it but they are super high and pretty.

Manfy -

Top - actually a dress , topshop £28

Body con skirt - topshop also £25

Knee high socks - Primark £1.50

Shoe boots - New look £35

Im sure youll agree she looked lovely.

So that was our outfits of the night , the other photos are farrrrrrr too messy as im sure you would understand ;)

Monday, 8 March 2010

Ins and outs.

Ins -
.Being 18, even if i don't have ID yet !! (getting this sorted)

.diet coke , being on an under 500 calls a day diet , this stuff gets me through !

.red lipstick, i love you even if my five year old little cousin said id never get a boyfriend wearing it ahaha kids are too honest for my liking !

.Beautiful bright days

.T in the park with my lovers, honestly can not wait too get out tickets (yes we are dilly bunnies not getting them on the 1st day but it was a last minute decision). Its going too be funtimes x 940590

.Garneir summer body in the darkest shade, i was wrong too be scared of it no more medium for me!


.The cold weather , Im just SO over it i want too wear summer clothes and enjoy the summer sun and fun, the most heartbreaking bit about it is waking up with the sun shining in your window but then realising its still below 8 degrees.

That's really about it , i have nothing too moan about for a change. Happy happy bunny.

pjay xoxo

Sunday, 7 March 2010

New obsession - red lipstick.

I have always wanted too wear red lipstick but i always thought it was too scary ( considering i used to sport white/nude lips red would have been a wanted change!!) but anyway it took me a while too actually go buy some and wear it so i did , i don't know wiether its because my hair is lighter or im older , but it makes me look less trying on mummys make up and more acceptable. Oh and it makes your teeth look whiter too. win.

A forgotten favourite song.

I was looking at the line up of songs on Kate Nash's new album , and i seen this little song that i loved in 2008 , its so cute ! new post's on the way today.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nice new music.

I think 2010 will be a good year for female artists, and even though im not a big fan of big up and coming main stream females i really love Marina and the diamonds, she has enough old school Kate bush charm and The quirkiness that's needed nowadays too rival queen gaga. Oh and yeah, a lovely voice. Think we are booking tickets too go see her in may :)

Some of my favourite songs by her ;

Friday, 19 February 2010

Photo booth ;

Hey lovers, I feel like im neglecting my blog which makes me sad as i love blogging.
I was going to upload a collection of photos from this month but i still have a few partys and stuff before the month ends, including my 18th!!!! im so excited :) so look out for that at the end of the month, other post will include hauls, i am SO lazy that i can never be bothered to take photos of the stuff i buy but i will get them done . And also some FOTD & OOTD as iv started trying different make up looks out , Any way im off to make my blog look a little prettier ! Love you all, pjay xoxo

Monday, 8 February 2010

My birthday outfit.

So after much deliberation & a lot of yes and no and NEVER! i think i finally found a decent birthday outfit that i would feel happy in ;

thoughts please , Pj xoxo

Friday, 5 February 2010

Little outfit haul.

So i was out shopping with 1 of my friends too buy something too wear too my other friends eighteenth. I already had this outfit planned but as wee didn't have alot of time we didn't get too pick up any accessories & as i was running quite low on cash moneys i decided too just leave the shoes too next week & wear them with my birthday outfit :D.

Sorry i didn't upload the photos my camera doesn't do justice too anything..

Top - £14 river island.
Leggins - £10 New look.

and if you are interested in the shoes they are miss selfridges £40, cant wait too get theme even if they do smoosh my feet ! and i think i just found the bling on newlook too!

thoughts please , PJ xoxo

little bargain.

So as i was going about my daily business (buying some lunch and plasters for my soar feeties) i went into Semi chem and just round from the plasters i spotted some cute little box's then i realised they where little benefit shadows. I was quite shocked because 1) semi chem is crap 2) they where only a fiver!

I had too control myself however & only picked up one, ''moody'' . I couldn't see them on the actual website so i take it they are old packaging or something? please enlighten me.

The colour is nothing special just a greyish/brown matte i had been looking for , so that cheered me up :)

PJ xoxo