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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back in black, hair that is.

Hey guys, so i was getting very, very bored of my very light brown hair. I was going to get blonde hi lights and just go really light but i realised that my hair was in really bad shape, my ends where disgusting because of the light hair dye having bleach in it my ends where just snapping off. Since i had dyed my hair light i hadn't felt myself but i worked with it since about march time. Enough was enough so i took the plunge and went dark again.

It's black just now but after a good few washes it should settle to a nice dark brown. My hair looks thicker & longer and feels 940950 times better. I could have waited to the winter months to go dark but i missed it so much. Sorry the photo inst very nice and doesn't show it in a nice light but i was too teird today to take a decent photo, will update soon. Pjay xoxo

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