Do you suppose she's a wild flower?

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

29th sept 09.

Hey girls, so if you read my boring old posts you will know that i just quit my job so i haven't been shopping since last payday which clearly brakes my little heart! whats a girl to do.

Also today i have been really ill so i couldn't be bothered to do a decent post so i thought i would just leave you with a cute little outfit i did on, sorry for being a bore but i guess its better than no post at all! .

ALSO - thank you very much too my 30+ subs, makes my day too see one more there.

project runway, eee i love it.
coca cola mixed with redbull try it ,
pink nails

having the flu
not been shopping since last month, omg :(

Anyway thank you for following
pjay xoxo

Monday, 28 September 2009

28th sept 2009. This time last year

This time last year. I was still pouting like a mad man^ but yeah i came across this picture and I'm sure its just before this time last year. It's so funny too think that then i was only 16 and now I'm about to turn 18 after Christmas. I didn't know it then but i was just about to get my 1st job aha. I also didn't know that i would still have the same friends and the same arguments with the same people. One thing i did think about was having the same boyfriend which i would think about not having, turns out i still have the same him aswell. I live in the same house and i'm still the same height and weight, but bless me when i think in my head i seam so young. By no means do i think i'm more mature than 16 year old me, but its fun.

Anyway not much going on today, just going to have my dinner, get ready and go to my boyfees for a couple of days. Oh yeah and try and look for a job , almost forgot there ;) .

the Paul o'grady show is back eee, makes me feel wintery haha
the x-factor, i don't care i love it
having to wrap up!

feeling like i just rode in from the windy city everytime i try to venture out.
headaches, i think i better move my but and get some specs
lack of motivation,

Pj xoxo

Saturday, 26 September 2009

26th sept 09.

Hi guys, i have been playing around with my blog, it was looking too busy for my likening so its in a current state of construction please ignore it. So today i woke up with all the good intention of going to my boyfriends today but i woke up feeling like crap and didn't feel like doing the journey which consists of a bus into town then a 45 minute bus journey. I really miss him because usually id go down after work on the Saturday and stay till around Monday then travel home, but of course things have changed a bit so i have to wait till Monday to go down. I'm not doing alot just chilling in my house which i feel like i haven't been in for ages. Anyway the point of this blog is that i nearly have 30 followers which made me happy because my blogs abit pointless but it makes me happy so thank you and tell me what you'd like too see?.

Another thing, my hair - the bain of my life. It has only had one trim a few months ago since summer 2008! i grew it out from a bob for a whole year and now its pretty long. The main reason i really don't want to get it cut is because i feel like i done so well too grow it this far because I'm really scissor happy but the split ends are ruining my life. It also needs dyed so i was thinking of dying it next week and then going for the chop, but I'm dreading leaving the salon with super short hair. I always think hairdressers convince you so well to go short , i guess they must get bored standing about in there all day and want to ruin someones life, I'm joking don't worry! but yeah I'm obviously hoping getting the chop will help it grow better, leave your thoughts! .

Another thing even though I'm skint i didn't like anything from the Christopher Kane for topshop, did i bump my head in the night?! . I don't know, but not inspiring for me sorry.

X-factor Saturdays
Irn bru , my teeth hates it but oh well
Online window shopping, y'all know what i mean ;)
ke$ha - tik tok, check it out !
Keeping up with the kardashians
Americas next top model short gals, holla!

Tyra banks, she looks so bored and always flirts with the noted fashion photographer ;) anybody else sick of hearing that?
Missing my boyfee
missing domino's Saturdays

Friday, 25 September 2009

25th Sept 09.

So since this blog doesn't really seem to be taking off as make-up or fashion related i thought id just blog. I will carry on with those sorts of post's and tags of course but because of my current situation it wont be a lot. Work had cut my hours and made it clear they wouldn't be putting them back up so i left, there for i have just embarked on the world of unimplemented which i'm hoping i will be back out of before Christmas. I really didn't want too do that but i wasn't going to stick around and play mug too a shabby work force. Anyway enough about me being a depressed bitch i have to just get my head down and get working for a nice stable job but never in retail again. There hasn't been a lot going on with me for the major fact that I'm skint, i have just been spending time with my friends and my boyfriend. This week i went with my friend Kaighla to get her second tattoo and i had been thinking a lot about getting one, I'm not the sort of girl to get a big colourful one i was thinking maybe just some script text at the side of my ribs? the text will be Bonne nuit et Dieu bénissent. If i have any subbs that are good at french could you confirm it for me ? as i used an online translator haha. Anyhow i'm sorry if you don't like these sorts of post's but i follow a few daily-going on blogs myself and rather like them.

Diet coke
Lie ins
humming birds, how cute?!
wrapping up
woolly tights
Disney movies, always make me feel good!

the cold
no money
split ends
and roots

Paula-Jane xo

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Tag, i guess i'm it.

Hey girls i was tagged by the lovely Boo over at-
So i guess you should go over and check out her lovely blog.
And i tag stace
and also manfa over at

Sorry guys, i'm not too hot with the html !

Ok so the rules are you let your readers know 10 things about you then tag 10 people. Simple!

The Facts

1. My full name is Pauline Jane but up untill i started working i have never ever been called Pauline. I hate it so much when people call me it, i don't even get called it at home when I'm in trouble! .

2. Apart from some smashed cartilage in my knee and various other chips and bumps i have never broke a bone! (touch wood). Its actually surprising because i was quite the little tomboy when i was younger.

3.I have never been stung by a bee/wasp which i'm very thank full about, i'm really scared of them they are so disgusting and evil looking. Oh and for the books when people say dont flap about they will just sting you, SO not true.I done a whole lotta flapping in my time.

4.I can't stand arrogant people who have been brought up thinking one way and stick too it.

5. When i was younger i had my heart set on being a dentist.

6.I prefer Reading to writing.I just cringe at things i wrote down ages ago. I look back and think oh my god you goose.

7.I went to drama class's all through my childhood and loved every second of it. Nowadays i could never do anything like that, its so nice to be young and carefree.

8.I can't stand racists.

9.I really don't get twilight. My best friend made me watch it like 3 times and i was like ''i'm still not getting it..''

10.I have seen every sex and the city episode atleat twice!

So thanks for tagging me, If anyone wants to tag me then feel free just leave me a little comment to say, because I'm a little slow on the uptake !

pjay xo

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Heyy, so i though i'd do a little wish list, its just a small one because my hours at work have been cut (grr) and im currently looking for a new fulltime job which is stressfull.

*New foundation , revlon colour stay in buff.
*Garnier summer skin.
*New cardigans and leggans, its getting so chilly!
*Sims 3, im a big sims geek, i have it at my boyfees but i need it up here haha.

Also, please leave me idea's for this blog, pjay xoxo

Monday, 7 September 2009

Style icons.

Most girls have someone they see in magazines or on tv and you think why do they always looks good, they never make mistakes and they set trends. I don't really follow couture or anything i just like what i see and see what i like. So i though i'd share some style icons that always make me think waw and inspire me.

1) This will come as no shock to people that know me, and i know most girls love her. So yes Miss Mary-Kate Olsen, the woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I have loved her style since i was about 13/14 i love the way she can make anything look amazing and effortless.

) Debbie Harry. Although she is not current i just love everything about her. I like too look back at photos of her and i just think she must have been so cool back then again another girl that could do effortless glamour! i don't even know if it's the style or just the whole persona.

3) Betsy Johnson. This woman is amaaaazing everything she does and designs is just so quirky and different, its like cute meets cool.I could literally sit and look at her designs forever!

So that's it girls, sorry there isn't much too look at there just isn't anything inspiring me and the moment it's all so samey. Another thing that draws my attention is i just love love love too look at peoples personal styles and take idea's from it, sometimes it beats me that one person could be so stylish.I guess its just how you wear it! - anyway girls again i tag anybody that wants to do it,

pjay xoxo

Hair history.

I really love these post's so i though i would do one. First of all id like to say my hair hasn't had that many changes compared to some people but its just abit of fun. And secondly some of my hair Do's where scary! and i was really young so bare that in mind. Ok so here goes.

ok this was me age about 1 and very bald haha! my hair was actually like this untill i was about 2 and a half! my mum had to get my ears pierced because i looked abit like a baby boy haha.

So untill i was about 13 and started dying my hair it was its natural light brown colour with a side fringe sometimes i would go between bobs and then let it grow out. Then i turned 13/14 and it was still short so i started to wear extensions. I didn't have highlights, they where just my friends blond extensions haha!. check that make-up oh god.

So i started getting bored of my short hair and i would get really scissor happy and start cutting really short layers in and i was still wearing extensions.In the picture below i did a home bleach job haha its blond side flash. ps r.i.p mr baby

When i got too about 14 i started dying it really dark brown/black but only ever semi perm. so sometimes it was really dark and then other times it was washed out while i was between dying it.It was so horrific i hate looking at pictures of it. Again still wearing extensions.

so while i was waiting for my hair too grow i would sometimes cut myself fringes and then grow them out etc, during this period i dyed my hair black a few times before stopping it forever. I have had fringe since.

Ok so now my hair was back to my natural colour and i promised myself never to dye it dark again - still wearing the extent ions. I must have spend a fortune! buying new sets every 2/4 months or so

So it was a long long period of having my natural brown hair colour and wearing extensions everyday, i always wore them curly while my hair was still really short to make it seem less obvious

I think you get the drift , in all the photos from summer 08 too now just all look the same, i am so happy to say i have finally ditched the extensions and my hair is now a decent length without them.So this is it now.

As you can see its getting there! never to be cut short ever again haha. After years of avoiding the hair dressers i'm just starting to look after my hair properly!. Sorry that this was so picture heavy and that i diden't use alot of pictures and explain things right i'm not on my own laptop.I tag anybody who wants to do this its alot of fun to see other peoples xoxo

My imaginary closet. - autumn Lovin.

I don't know what it is about this little outfit i put together on but it makes me feel all wintery.I think it would be great to put together your own high street version for an autumn or winter party. I might recreate this for Christmas if I'm still loving it, and anyway i have had my eye on that Disney couture necklaces for a while ;) . I might have to save for a long while if i wanted the shoes but a girl can dream.

Skirt - Lipsy
Both knecklaces - Disney couture
Shoes - Kurt Gieger.

This or that.

This? this or that.
Galaxy or Dairy Milk?
Galaxy all the way.
Coke or Pepsi?
I dont have a big love for any but diet Pepsi.
Tesco or Asda?
I used to love tesco before i worked there for a while haha! but yeah tesco. Many a fun trip in tesco.
Mascara or Lipgloss?
Mascara deffo, i have no lashes what so ever to be honest so its a must.
Cats or Dogs?
Ohh thats tricky i have had both dogs and a cat. Mmmm dogs id say.
Twilight or True Blood?
None. Sorry girls but i don't get Edward and i don't get Jacob and its all abit crap. Maybe id like the book though?
Summer or Winter?
I like them both for different reasons but i must say it has to be winter, Christmas and snow and presents and family and time of work and nice food and snuggles!
Edward or Jacob?
Oh go away.
TV or Films?
Oooh thats so hard, films though.
Texts or Phone Calls?
Phone calls. Theirs just some things that don't sound right in txts. Although saying that sometimes a nice txt makes your day.
Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter most definitely.I don't even know how to work facebook.. i don't get it!
Beach or Cities?
Well i live in the city and i like it, but i love getting the train down to the beach sometimes <3>

Well thats it, another blogpost that has nothing to do with anything but if you Had a read then give it a go
Pjay xo