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Monday, 7 September 2009

Style icons.

Most girls have someone they see in magazines or on tv and you think why do they always looks good, they never make mistakes and they set trends. I don't really follow couture or anything i just like what i see and see what i like. So i though i'd share some style icons that always make me think waw and inspire me.

1) This will come as no shock to people that know me, and i know most girls love her. So yes Miss Mary-Kate Olsen, the woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I have loved her style since i was about 13/14 i love the way she can make anything look amazing and effortless.

) Debbie Harry. Although she is not current i just love everything about her. I like too look back at photos of her and i just think she must have been so cool back then again another girl that could do effortless glamour! i don't even know if it's the style or just the whole persona.

3) Betsy Johnson. This woman is amaaaazing everything she does and designs is just so quirky and different, its like cute meets cool.I could literally sit and look at her designs forever!

So that's it girls, sorry there isn't much too look at there just isn't anything inspiring me and the moment it's all so samey. Another thing that draws my attention is i just love love love too look at peoples personal styles and take idea's from it, sometimes it beats me that one person could be so stylish.I guess its just how you wear it! - anyway girls again i tag anybody that wants to do it,

pjay xoxo


  1. Love Betsey !!! I spent about a year obsessing over her.
    Mary-Kate is perfection, have you got the book Influnece ?

  2. Noo not yet, scene it in urban outfitters! gonna pick it up soon<3

  3. Mary-Kate's sunnies are awesome in that photo!