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Monday, 7 September 2009

Hair history.

I really love these post's so i though i would do one. First of all id like to say my hair hasn't had that many changes compared to some people but its just abit of fun. And secondly some of my hair Do's where scary! and i was really young so bare that in mind. Ok so here goes.

ok this was me age about 1 and very bald haha! my hair was actually like this untill i was about 2 and a half! my mum had to get my ears pierced because i looked abit like a baby boy haha.

So untill i was about 13 and started dying my hair it was its natural light brown colour with a side fringe sometimes i would go between bobs and then let it grow out. Then i turned 13/14 and it was still short so i started to wear extensions. I didn't have highlights, they where just my friends blond extensions haha!. check that make-up oh god.

So i started getting bored of my short hair and i would get really scissor happy and start cutting really short layers in and i was still wearing extensions.In the picture below i did a home bleach job haha its blond side flash. ps r.i.p mr baby

When i got too about 14 i started dying it really dark brown/black but only ever semi perm. so sometimes it was really dark and then other times it was washed out while i was between dying it.It was so horrific i hate looking at pictures of it. Again still wearing extensions.

so while i was waiting for my hair too grow i would sometimes cut myself fringes and then grow them out etc, during this period i dyed my hair black a few times before stopping it forever. I have had fringe since.

Ok so now my hair was back to my natural colour and i promised myself never to dye it dark again - still wearing the extent ions. I must have spend a fortune! buying new sets every 2/4 months or so

So it was a long long period of having my natural brown hair colour and wearing extensions everyday, i always wore them curly while my hair was still really short to make it seem less obvious

I think you get the drift , in all the photos from summer 08 too now just all look the same, i am so happy to say i have finally ditched the extensions and my hair is now a decent length without them.So this is it now.

As you can see its getting there! never to be cut short ever again haha. After years of avoiding the hair dressers i'm just starting to look after my hair properly!. Sorry that this was so picture heavy and that i diden't use alot of pictures and explain things right i'm not on my own laptop.I tag anybody who wants to do this its alot of fun to see other peoples xoxo

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  1. ahahaahaah i loved that. funny, but i adore ur hair now