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Saturday, 26 September 2009

26th sept 09.

Hi guys, i have been playing around with my blog, it was looking too busy for my likening so its in a current state of construction please ignore it. So today i woke up with all the good intention of going to my boyfriends today but i woke up feeling like crap and didn't feel like doing the journey which consists of a bus into town then a 45 minute bus journey. I really miss him because usually id go down after work on the Saturday and stay till around Monday then travel home, but of course things have changed a bit so i have to wait till Monday to go down. I'm not doing alot just chilling in my house which i feel like i haven't been in for ages. Anyway the point of this blog is that i nearly have 30 followers which made me happy because my blogs abit pointless but it makes me happy so thank you and tell me what you'd like too see?.

Another thing, my hair - the bain of my life. It has only had one trim a few months ago since summer 2008! i grew it out from a bob for a whole year and now its pretty long. The main reason i really don't want to get it cut is because i feel like i done so well too grow it this far because I'm really scissor happy but the split ends are ruining my life. It also needs dyed so i was thinking of dying it next week and then going for the chop, but I'm dreading leaving the salon with super short hair. I always think hairdressers convince you so well to go short , i guess they must get bored standing about in there all day and want to ruin someones life, I'm joking don't worry! but yeah I'm obviously hoping getting the chop will help it grow better, leave your thoughts! .

Another thing even though I'm skint i didn't like anything from the Christopher Kane for topshop, did i bump my head in the night?! . I don't know, but not inspiring for me sorry.

X-factor Saturdays
Irn bru , my teeth hates it but oh well
Online window shopping, y'all know what i mean ;)
ke$ha - tik tok, check it out !
Keeping up with the kardashians
Americas next top model short gals, holla!

Tyra banks, she looks so bored and always flirts with the noted fashion photographer ;) anybody else sick of hearing that?
Missing my boyfee
missing domino's Saturdays


  1. i like your blog :)


  2. oh, your blog is so cute dear. i espeically enjoyed reading your ins and outs! ♥

  3. cut your hair and i will cut you into a million pieces haha. i joke but, you'll loose the bet for a SECOND time!!
    how cute is this? you have balls lol, i'm too scared to make one!

    x x

  4. Too scared to make one leelee :O?
    i have had lots of written blogs before haha, this is the only one thats lasted more than a month haha make one hunniebee

  5. Aww thankyou, its my favourite to do my ins and outs <3 thanks for stopping by.

  6. i like your blog, it's really interesting and i get bored a lot too:)