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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Tag, i guess i'm it.

Hey girls i was tagged by the lovely Boo over at-
So i guess you should go over and check out her lovely blog.
And i tag stace
and also manfa over at

Sorry guys, i'm not too hot with the html !

Ok so the rules are you let your readers know 10 things about you then tag 10 people. Simple!

The Facts

1. My full name is Pauline Jane but up untill i started working i have never ever been called Pauline. I hate it so much when people call me it, i don't even get called it at home when I'm in trouble! .

2. Apart from some smashed cartilage in my knee and various other chips and bumps i have never broke a bone! (touch wood). Its actually surprising because i was quite the little tomboy when i was younger.

3.I have never been stung by a bee/wasp which i'm very thank full about, i'm really scared of them they are so disgusting and evil looking. Oh and for the books when people say dont flap about they will just sting you, SO not true.I done a whole lotta flapping in my time.

4.I can't stand arrogant people who have been brought up thinking one way and stick too it.

5. When i was younger i had my heart set on being a dentist.

6.I prefer Reading to writing.I just cringe at things i wrote down ages ago. I look back and think oh my god you goose.

7.I went to drama class's all through my childhood and loved every second of it. Nowadays i could never do anything like that, its so nice to be young and carefree.

8.I can't stand racists.

9.I really don't get twilight. My best friend made me watch it like 3 times and i was like ''i'm still not getting it..''

10.I have seen every sex and the city episode atleat twice!

So thanks for tagging me, If anyone wants to tag me then feel free just leave me a little comment to say, because I'm a little slow on the uptake !

pjay xo

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