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Friday, 25 September 2009

25th Sept 09.

So since this blog doesn't really seem to be taking off as make-up or fashion related i thought id just blog. I will carry on with those sorts of post's and tags of course but because of my current situation it wont be a lot. Work had cut my hours and made it clear they wouldn't be putting them back up so i left, there for i have just embarked on the world of unimplemented which i'm hoping i will be back out of before Christmas. I really didn't want too do that but i wasn't going to stick around and play mug too a shabby work force. Anyway enough about me being a depressed bitch i have to just get my head down and get working for a nice stable job but never in retail again. There hasn't been a lot going on with me for the major fact that I'm skint, i have just been spending time with my friends and my boyfriend. This week i went with my friend Kaighla to get her second tattoo and i had been thinking a lot about getting one, I'm not the sort of girl to get a big colourful one i was thinking maybe just some script text at the side of my ribs? the text will be Bonne nuit et Dieu bénissent. If i have any subbs that are good at french could you confirm it for me ? as i used an online translator haha. Anyhow i'm sorry if you don't like these sorts of post's but i follow a few daily-going on blogs myself and rather like them.

Diet coke
Lie ins
humming birds, how cute?!
wrapping up
woolly tights
Disney movies, always make me feel good!

the cold
no money
split ends
and roots

Paula-Jane xo


  1. I have major split ends and their really dry! Also, the coldness sucks sooo much :( Lovely blog, I followed :D xxxx

  2. Thank you very much i sub'd you too,the problem is i have been growing my hair out from a very short bob that i had summer 2008 and its really getting there but i haven't had a hair cut since so the split ends are screaming at me. I don't know wither the weather is making them worse its cold up in scotlando haha x

  3. OMG i adore pugs! we pug sat the other day was soooo much fun! :)

  4. lucky you! i just crave one so much i could cry over it ahaha xxx

  5. lol pugs! i have got 2 and I tell you.. they are hard work!! but so damn cute :)