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Monday, 28 September 2009

28th sept 2009. This time last year

This time last year. I was still pouting like a mad man^ but yeah i came across this picture and I'm sure its just before this time last year. It's so funny too think that then i was only 16 and now I'm about to turn 18 after Christmas. I didn't know it then but i was just about to get my 1st job aha. I also didn't know that i would still have the same friends and the same arguments with the same people. One thing i did think about was having the same boyfriend which i would think about not having, turns out i still have the same him aswell. I live in the same house and i'm still the same height and weight, but bless me when i think in my head i seam so young. By no means do i think i'm more mature than 16 year old me, but its fun.

Anyway not much going on today, just going to have my dinner, get ready and go to my boyfees for a couple of days. Oh yeah and try and look for a job , almost forgot there ;) .

the Paul o'grady show is back eee, makes me feel wintery haha
the x-factor, i don't care i love it
having to wrap up!

feeling like i just rode in from the windy city everytime i try to venture out.
headaches, i think i better move my but and get some specs
lack of motivation,

Pj xoxo


  1. just came across your blog and i love it.
    I love all the little images on your sidebar. Lovely

  2. thankyou for the lovely comments, what sort of posts would yous like too see? xx