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Monday, 7 September 2009

This or that.

This? this or that.
Galaxy or Dairy Milk?
Galaxy all the way.
Coke or Pepsi?
I dont have a big love for any but diet Pepsi.
Tesco or Asda?
I used to love tesco before i worked there for a while haha! but yeah tesco. Many a fun trip in tesco.
Mascara or Lipgloss?
Mascara deffo, i have no lashes what so ever to be honest so its a must.
Cats or Dogs?
Ohh thats tricky i have had both dogs and a cat. Mmmm dogs id say.
Twilight or True Blood?
None. Sorry girls but i don't get Edward and i don't get Jacob and its all abit crap. Maybe id like the book though?
Summer or Winter?
I like them both for different reasons but i must say it has to be winter, Christmas and snow and presents and family and time of work and nice food and snuggles!
Edward or Jacob?
Oh go away.
TV or Films?
Oooh thats so hard, films though.
Texts or Phone Calls?
Phone calls. Theirs just some things that don't sound right in txts. Although saying that sometimes a nice txt makes your day.
Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter most definitely.I don't even know how to work facebook.. i don't get it!
Beach or Cities?
Well i live in the city and i like it, but i love getting the train down to the beach sometimes <3>

Well thats it, another blogpost that has nothing to do with anything but if you Had a read then give it a go
Pjay xo

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