Do you suppose she's a wild flower?

- xoxo

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nice new music.

I think 2010 will be a good year for female artists, and even though im not a big fan of big up and coming main stream females i really love Marina and the diamonds, she has enough old school Kate bush charm and The quirkiness that's needed nowadays too rival queen gaga. Oh and yeah, a lovely voice. Think we are booking tickets too go see her in may :)

Some of my favourite songs by her ;

Friday, 19 February 2010

Photo booth ;

Hey lovers, I feel like im neglecting my blog which makes me sad as i love blogging.
I was going to upload a collection of photos from this month but i still have a few partys and stuff before the month ends, including my 18th!!!! im so excited :) so look out for that at the end of the month, other post will include hauls, i am SO lazy that i can never be bothered to take photos of the stuff i buy but i will get them done . And also some FOTD & OOTD as iv started trying different make up looks out , Any way im off to make my blog look a little prettier ! Love you all, pjay xoxo

Monday, 8 February 2010

My birthday outfit.

So after much deliberation & a lot of yes and no and NEVER! i think i finally found a decent birthday outfit that i would feel happy in ;

thoughts please , Pj xoxo

Friday, 5 February 2010

Little outfit haul.

So i was out shopping with 1 of my friends too buy something too wear too my other friends eighteenth. I already had this outfit planned but as wee didn't have alot of time we didn't get too pick up any accessories & as i was running quite low on cash moneys i decided too just leave the shoes too next week & wear them with my birthday outfit :D.

Sorry i didn't upload the photos my camera doesn't do justice too anything..

Top - £14 river island.
Leggins - £10 New look.

and if you are interested in the shoes they are miss selfridges £40, cant wait too get theme even if they do smoosh my feet ! and i think i just found the bling on newlook too!

thoughts please , PJ xoxo

little bargain.

So as i was going about my daily business (buying some lunch and plasters for my soar feeties) i went into Semi chem and just round from the plasters i spotted some cute little box's then i realised they where little benefit shadows. I was quite shocked because 1) semi chem is crap 2) they where only a fiver!

I had too control myself however & only picked up one, ''moody'' . I couldn't see them on the actual website so i take it they are old packaging or something? please enlighten me.

The colour is nothing special just a greyish/brown matte i had been looking for , so that cheered me up :)

PJ xoxo