Do you suppose she's a wild flower?

- xoxo

Friday, 19 February 2010

Photo booth ;

Hey lovers, I feel like im neglecting my blog which makes me sad as i love blogging.
I was going to upload a collection of photos from this month but i still have a few partys and stuff before the month ends, including my 18th!!!! im so excited :) so look out for that at the end of the month, other post will include hauls, i am SO lazy that i can never be bothered to take photos of the stuff i buy but i will get them done . And also some FOTD & OOTD as iv started trying different make up looks out , Any way im off to make my blog look a little prettier ! Love you all, pjay xoxo


  1. What lippie are you wearing? Looks gorgeous x

  2. lovely pictures hun! can't wait for more posts :) x

  3. Im wearing natural collection in rose pearl, i swear by it !!

    thank you xxx