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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back in black, hair that is.

Hey guys, so i was getting very, very bored of my very light brown hair. I was going to get blonde hi lights and just go really light but i realised that my hair was in really bad shape, my ends where disgusting because of the light hair dye having bleach in it my ends where just snapping off. Since i had dyed my hair light i hadn't felt myself but i worked with it since about march time. Enough was enough so i took the plunge and went dark again.

It's black just now but after a good few washes it should settle to a nice dark brown. My hair looks thicker & longer and feels 940950 times better. I could have waited to the winter months to go dark but i missed it so much. Sorry the photo inst very nice and doesn't show it in a nice light but i was too teird today to take a decent photo, will update soon. Pjay xoxo


Top - Topshop £18
Skirt - Primark £4
Tights - Topshop

Friday, 23 July 2010

Everyday face.

My favourite and everyday make up look.
Bronze smoky eye with white on the inner Corners and black on the outers
Baby pink lips and bronzed cheeks.

Foundation - Revlon Colour stay
Eyeshadows - all urban decay
Lips - Baby pink zebra lipgloss from H+M


Girls on film.

Few photos of me and the girls before my my friends house party.
me and manfa in the kitchen having a little pose before vodka jelly.
We shared clothes as girls do, I'm the grey
Cardigan - primark
Bra - topshop (friends)
Skirt - topshop (friends)

Manfa in the pink
Top - mine, illustrated people , topshop
Bandeau - primark
Black bodycon skirt - hers, unknown.

Dog days are over. OOTD.

Hello loves, Just a little lazy day outfit and bed hair.
Top - I heart coke, Urban outfitters.
Leggings - Plain black from topshop.

Very very boring and i usually prefer making a bigger effort but i just rolled the sleeves up on my top and had a lazy day.

Make up - bronze smokey eye and light pink lip.



Hello lovers, I'm back from a long break of no blogging. Well technically i have been blogging on my tumblr which i have been obsessed with but it's really not the place for fashion & make up. I think mostly my post's will consist of hauls & outfits/face of the days. Now my blog needs a major revamp its stuck in 2009 bless it. I'm going to get cracking with a few post's now. Please leave comments of post's you would like to see and pass my blog around thanks loves, xoxo