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Monday, 8 March 2010

Ins and outs.

Ins -
.Being 18, even if i don't have ID yet !! (getting this sorted)

.diet coke , being on an under 500 calls a day diet , this stuff gets me through !

.red lipstick, i love you even if my five year old little cousin said id never get a boyfriend wearing it ahaha kids are too honest for my liking !

.Beautiful bright days

.T in the park with my lovers, honestly can not wait too get out tickets (yes we are dilly bunnies not getting them on the 1st day but it was a last minute decision). Its going too be funtimes x 940590

.Garneir summer body in the darkest shade, i was wrong too be scared of it no more medium for me!


.The cold weather , Im just SO over it i want too wear summer clothes and enjoy the summer sun and fun, the most heartbreaking bit about it is waking up with the sun shining in your window but then realising its still below 8 degrees.

That's really about it , i have nothing too moan about for a change. Happy happy bunny.

pjay xoxo


  1. I agree Diet Coke is amazing! Lol that is so cute what your cousin said.

  2. Under 500 cals??? Omg are you mad mrs? Don't kow how you can do it! x

  3. You get used to it so easy ahaha i usually have brown bread toast in the morning , then a 40 call soup for lunch and then another souo for dinner with brown bread again , xo and yes diet coke i the way forward ! xo

  4. I tagged you on the 40 Beauty Questions :)xoxoxx