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Sunday, 21 March 2010

This weeks most wanted.

This weeks most wanted includes -


New look skirt. I really didn't think i would ever like body con skirts but after finding a real bargain of one in h&m i have been converted ! I want too wear this skirt on an upcoming night out.

New look crop top - I love this its so cheeky and cute and crop tops are lovely , they always remind me of Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the city, does anyone else get that?!. Anyway i couldn't find this in my local store :( and we have a really big one so i think i will order it online this week along with the skirt.

Topshop shoes - Now i know i deffo can't afford these right now , they are £70 they are so so gorgeous and i know i would wear them an awful lot, but seriously?!. I think i will wait till the other shops get some pretty decent copies in.

Topshop bodytop. I love these they are soo easy to just shove on under a skirt or jeans and they still look part- dressed up.

I also need some heart printed tights and some statement knecklaces so i can give me leaf and oversized pearl ones a brake haha! tell me if you know where some are please.

So girlies , what will you be buying on your payday?

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