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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ins and outs.

So i thought it would be a good idea too try and do my ''in and outs'' post's done on a Sunday. However knowing me they might not always be on time but its the thought that counts eh? anyway lets begin with the good stuff.



Lovely bright weather , it was actually SAFE for me too wear a skirt yesterday. If Scotland has cardigan weather then that must mean good knows for the rest of you eh?. Oh and also , the clocks go forward meaning brighter mornings and brighter night's and all round' nicer days, Although I'm sure i wont be saying that the next day.

Buying clothes, this is probs a major downfall for me but i have promised myself its fine too buy clothes as long as i don't waste any more money on make-up and I'm fine with that. I feel i have all i need make-up wise and i know what suits me and what doesn't so im afraid i will only be re-buying my basics. Well unless something new and gorgeous comes along... i cant be held responsible for my actions ;)

Going out, Now that I'm eighteen its all i want to do. I feel i have unleashed my inner party girl haha. My friends may even be a little worse than me , getting sloshed on a week day with work the next morning eh manfa eh ;). Its all great fun though. Dressing up, dancing, drinking.

Lady gaga & beyonce, Ever since destiny's child i have loved loved loved Beyonce and away back last-last summer when i 1st heard Lady gaga on 'THE HILLS' i have loved her too. Them together is amazing. I love the new video and the fact they could blow singer fails like Cheryl Cole out the water, OH YES.


This diet, I love loosing weight and wearing clothes and feeling better but seriously sometimes i wish i could just eat a McDonalds in record time haha. Although i must say i have been awful awful good, staying under my 500 calls most days & i also haven't been too any fast food restaurants in 2010 WOO. Must get too the gym again though.

Justin Beiber, Enough said honestly. I cant even bare to moan about him or Cheryl Cole any more haha.

That's it ladies, didn't really want too sit and moan and leave my blog on a bad note, so with that i bid you fair well

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  1. totally agree with your lists forsure.
    love that pic.<3