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Monday, 22 March 2010

A better body.

So for the last two month i have been on a diet, i have took my calories down from around 2000 and settled on below 500 a day. I have been making better food choices , My daily food retune is usually two small slices of brown bread toast for breakfast, nothing for lunch and then lentil soup for dinner. I realised that was unattainable so i have decided on Yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, Crunchy nut with skimmed milk for lunch and then soup for dinner. I have too admit i have been slacking on my exorcise (but great with my diet) although today i'm going to the gym and hopefully i can get a good work out in and try to get back to going every second day at least. I have too weigh my self at the gym today and im deffo not looking forward to it , i know if i don't see the results i expect i will be a little disheartened, but i'm hoping that i will and that will give me more motivation to get cracking at the gym. I have a healthy b.m.i and the doctor said i was fine but im only 5'2 and can't hold any weight anywhere without looking fat so im hoping to get too my goal weight for summer.


 Charlotte ChurchCharlotte Church

Can i also just say, how amazing does Charlotte look, my best friend linked me today and i was utterly shocked at how gorgeous she looks with her new slimmer frame. It gave me the motivation i need too get down too the gym today!. she said she doesn't exorcise she just eats less, which i have been doing but a little bit of toning is always a good thing, and the gym makes you feel good about yourself. So if any of you are trying too get slimmer for summer i totally advice you too start soon and hopefully we will all feel a little better about ourself. I will keep you updated on my journey if you wish.


some more inspiration + motivation.

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