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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Update. 3.nov.09

Hey guys, so i havent wrote in a while but i already told yous why (the lack of job) which should mean i would have more time to blog right? wrong.. because i have nothing to blog about! .

Anyway haven't been doing much except hanging out with my bestie & staying at my boyfriends house on weekends, but couldn't go last weekend because he had the mumps :( .
It was my best friend Kaighla's birthday at the weekend and her mum baught us all tickets to go to the 'enchanted forest' it was away up in Pitlochry which is a good 2/3 hours away from Glasgow, infact it took 4 hours on the way up ! The forest was more of a family thing and me being nearly 18 , and kaighla just turned 19 it was abit boring but the lights on the loch where beautiful & we got drunk in the car up and back, cheeky cheeky ;) .

In other news, i had a serious conversation with my dad on what i'm actually going to do with my life, as trying to find a job isn't working. So i decided i will put the hard work in for once and join college in August 2010, hopefully there will be courses starting sooner but if not then august. I have decided that i will study social care, it was a toss up between that or dental nursing but i have made my choice. In the mean time i'm just trying to find a job to get me through till then. Do you ever wish you had made your mind up about you want to do with yourself a little sooner? i do.

So guys , that's my blog post for today, gonna go ahead & get some tags done.
Love pjay xoxo

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