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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Blog award.


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Thanks staceee

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1. I have only had 1 serious boyfriend , we have went out for nearly 2 and a half year and still happy. love him :)

2. I live in Glasgow , i actually love it though. I don't think id rather be anywhere else.

3. I love too travel but i haven't been anywhere outside UK for two year's, as soon as i turn eighteen i plan to go at least one or two new places a year.

4. I have a fear of driving, even when im in the passenger seat i shudder if something goes by fast.

5. I was an only child for 14 years , but now i have a two year old half brother, he's cute i guess :) .

6. I have only recently just realised that best friends are far and few.

7. My favourite food is chinease , mmm

I tag;

Manthie xo

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  1. My fave is chinese too :) I eat it at least once a week *slaps wrist!*