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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

8 Most WornI was tagged do to this by one of my bestest's Manthie.

1. Most worn Lipstick/Lipgloss
My Most worn lipstick is Rimmel Pink Blush. I dont buy much lipstick as it dosen't really suit me and takes alot of vaseline to make it work which by then the colour just looks manky , but i do love pink blush it is a very bright barbie pink so i tend to only use a tiny bit and put on some lipgloss over it.

2. Most worn earrings
I used to love big earings but the last few years all i have worn is studs or small chandelier earings but mostly i just wear little fake pearl studs.

3.Most worn top
Hmm i dont know that is tricky , i prefer to wear plain cami's with cardigans, so i dont ever really go for big bold prints or anything specail.

4.Most worn nail polish
I couldent answer this , i paint my nails all sorts of colours all the time even though they are in bad condition so i have stopped for a while, My favourite colour though is any sort off glossy dark brown, perfect form winter.

5.Most worn shoes
pumps, pumps pumps of anykind.

6.Most worn hair product
Deffo hairspray or dry shampoo.

7.Most worn perfume
I use perfume too quickly so it dosent last me, my favourite is gucci rush original though. Yum.

8.Most worn handbang
Right now its just a little brown vintage style satchel from primark. I'm not much into bags but i can appreciate a pretty one.

I tag all my followers if you haven't already

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