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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The what im using right now post. 12/1/10

Hello guys. Sorry for not posting alot i have sorta abandoned this and twitter for tumblr & facebook (cafeworld mostly). There is so many websites out there nowadays i find it hard to keep up. I remeber the good old days of just checking my myspace! anyway all my links will be at the botton of the page at the end of the post if you are interested.

Ok so on with it. Its just my current loves, the things i use daily. If i however change anything i will do an update.

The avon yoghurt tub. I love it, i got more for xmas of my aunt i was happy because i don't order from avon myself.

Bubble bath
Again its one from avon im sure you know which ones im talking about i have a good few so i just switch.

Shampoo & conditioner
I love sunsilk for brunettes i love the smell & im positive it gives my hair a better wee shine.

I honestly just buy whatever one i find 1st in boots but my favourite is the garneir bamboo hold one, I pick that up alot

My favourite has to be revlon colour stay i use the oily one even though my skin is mostly just normal. I use the colour buff which i think may be the most pale but it works for me at this time of year and i dont know what i did before this foundation.

I use like 2/3 on my eyes at a time but my favourite of the moment has to be urban decay's midnight cowboy rides again, i think everybody loves this and rightly so.

Im using this one my aunt got me its from avon, the brush is huge its the best mascara i have ever tried and i must have the worst eyelashes ever! but i love it.

Benefits boing, i have already hit pan on this and i only got it at Christmast i love it that much.

Uhmm deffo barry m lipgloss in toffee i think? its lovely.

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  1. I remember you gave a wee tub of that strawberry yoghart moisturisor <3 xxxx